About QRN



QRN is a brand name for the musical composition works of Peter Tutak, a Seattle, USA bassist and composer.  The musical style is derived from the  'progressive rock' genre of the 1970s and 80s. 

At the present time, such works take the form of original compositions presented in 'demo' form. Although distinctly imperfect, such work is protected by copyright in all cases.

(And, in case you're really interested, "QRN" is international amateur radio shorthand for 'atmospheric electromagnetic noise'.)



Layered, atmospheric keyboard textures (there's a lot of Mellotron and polysynth), 6-  and 12-string guitars, voice. 

All work is executed by myself, and with the exception of some real-time bass guitar, all work is performed via keyboards and digital sample libraries.



The progressive rock sound from the UK, America, and Europe of the late 1960s and the 1970s drives much of my inspiration. Western classical music is a large influence on the sound. Diatonic and chromatic melody and harmony form its structure. Simple or complex meter is its engine. Although mostly instrumental (due to my inability to write compelling lyrics)  such lyrics where included are inspired by observations of everyday life, personal (and impersonal) experiences, and the odd fantastic story.