I'm from Jersey City, NJ, and had the good fortune to be a teenager in the New York City area in the late 1960s, when it was simply exploding with music. I first took up the electric bass in 1969, and by 1970, was playing in an excellent local band. My only formal instruction on bass guitar was a couple of informal lessons in 1970. From 1972-77, I studied upright bass at Jersey City State College with Frank Lomolino (NJ Symphony), at Roosevelt University (Chicago) with Harold Siegel, and composition with Robert Lombardo.  After completing an EE degree in 1982, I began a 32 year career in networking technology, moving to the Northwest in 1986, and all the while playing rock, jazz, and classical music with different ensembles in the NY/NJ and Seattle areas. I've also done arranging work of classical pieces for chamber ensembles in the Northwest and Southwest US.

I retired from technology work in 2014, and decided to go back and explore the aspect of music composition, something that I tinkered with in college, but never fully realized. And, I am.

My songwriting influences are people like Tony Banks, Thys Van Leer, Kerry Minnear, and other 'progressive' rock keyboardists whose use of harmony, melody, and voice-leading are complex, but accessible, and always interesting. 

In terms of equipment, the basses I play are by Fender, Rickenbacker, Kinal, F-Bass, and Nash. I use Markbass, Eden, and Ashdown amps. The sound libraries I use are by Apple, M-Tron, Yamaha, and Superior Drummer.